Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Change 1: Alcohol intake.

So as I wrote about a few posts ago I am trying to change. I felt like first I should outline WHY I want to make these changes. Starting with my alcohol intake.

Looking back over the last  four years, most of the things I regret doing involve alcohol (kissing LOTS of guys I don't know, one night stands, saying dumb things, being sick, passing out, missing work etc etc.) And all these events made me feel like CRAP, physically and mainly mentally. So it seems obvious to me to cut out the source of the problem. Binge drinking. In theory this sounds easy. But in practise this is the hardest change for me to put into practise. I don't drink every day, not even every week but when I drink...boy do I go to town.
General one night out drinks:

half a bottle of wine before I go out.
4 shots of something brightly coloured.
2 vodka and cokes.
1 lemonade and vodka.

I've decided to limit myself to TWO drinks when I next go out. (s'all about the moderation girls and guys).

Again this might sound easy, but I have two main problems. One: ALL my friends drink a lot, and I really don't think they will be best pleased with me not drinking, it's just not normal in today's binge drink Britain. I'm really not sure what to expect when my friends notice I'm not drinking my usual bucket of booze.

My second problem is self confidence. Although I have improved a lot with my confidence I struggly when I'm out with lots of people, meeting others I don't know. I drink so I can feel confident and just not care, so I'm interested/nervous to see what happens sober.

I've tried to do this change before on my own, but now I'm praying a lot about it, so I feel I have God on my side. Exciting stuff!!

This was BEFORE we'd stepped out the door (this amount was between two of us)

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Anonymous said...

Good for you for identifying something in your life that you'd like to change and actually changing it! I know it's a process and it probably won't happen overnight, but you're definitely taking the first steps.

If your friends are true friends they will understand your decision. They care about you too!

Wishing you well,