Thursday, 11 November 2010

Triggers and questions on how to be single and date.

Last night I figured out another sad trigger. My old 6th form friends. We went out for a catch up dinner and I just felt inadequate and fat. I ended up in the bathroom purging dinner. I think it must be because my 6th form is where the eating disorder fully developed so I connect it with those ED feelings. I need to sort that out because I want to see my old friends and feel fine with myself.

Now. Questions on how to be single and date.
As a newly single girl, who hasn't really dated before (I either go straight into a relationship with a friend or just have one night things) I need some advice. How the hell do you find guys to date??? Where are these creatures? I have one lead which I hope will work - a work friend has a friend who is single (and a model) and she thinks we would go well together. I'll keep you updated. I just need some dating practise, get to terms with good dating etiquette, it's such a weird world. Any first date tips or tips on how to find dates would be much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your 6th form friends brought up those feelings for you. (((Battleinmind)))

In terms of getting dates, I think getting them through friends is a good idea. But also if you go out to bars or clubs or some other activity you can meet people who are nice. Of course, if you do that you have to be a little careful because some guys are just creepy and unsafe. Good luck!

Wishing you well,

Incredible Eating Anorexics said...

tip 1: - free dating website if you want to go down that line. don't pay for any- like zoosk or match. be very wary of creeps as well.

tip 2: look in unusual places. under tables, up trees...ok i really mean like parents mates sons etc.

tip 3: stop looking and wait til your prince finds u.