Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I hate meal plans.

Meal plans are so difficult, to write and to keep to.
Today's intake:
Breakfast: 30g ready brek with water. (120C)
Lunch: Light Caesar salad (174C)
Dinner: Chicken caserole with rice (600ish)
Snack: Yoghurt (190C)
Total: 1083. That makes me feel very fat.

My work is going okay, I am slowly getting to know the job and I got a chance to chat to some of the other people today which was progress!
I have a date on Sunday! Oooohhhhhh crap I'm scared...I don't tend to make a great first impression and I haven't been on a first date for literally a year.

I think I have the wrong life goals. My goal at the moment is to make everything perfect. To improve everything. This is an UNREALISTIC goal, because life is never perfect. So I think my new life goal is to be content with what is happening, and not constantly trying to change everything. At the moment what I expect from life is: uni degree, work, marriage, kids. All before 30. But being realistic this probably won't happen, it might, but if it doesn't I can be just as happy!

Next post I am going to give you some photo updates :)


Lisa said...

Hey! I just started following your blog. I totally agree, meal plans are a pain in the ass and looking at them for me only makes me feel more frustrated. But...a lot of times it helps.

And nothing is perfect, nothing can be perfect. ( one thing i learned from treatment ...too bad I'm still trying to make everything perfect )...

I know how hard it is. Hang in there. You can do this!

not.quite.ana said...

oooh just look sexy for your date and i'm sure he won't be able to resist ;) oh life goals. so true, nothing ever works out like you expect it too!

Sairs said...

Life is just hard sometimes isn't it and that does really suck. I hope you get to see your Nan soon and that it makes you feel a little better. I was worried about my Nan this year because she got really sick but she pulled through alright when we thought she wouldn't. Try to think in the now, rather than the future, as you never know what the future holds. Be kind to yourself!

Sia Jane said...

Just to say...
What you "exist" off, will never enough to make you fat.
As a recovered Anorexic, I guess I am trying to say, please don't feel bad for existing off what is essentially a starvation diet.
You deserve life, and love, and health xxxx And, for what it is worth, you ARE thin xxx

Anonymous said...

gosh girl, i hope you dont eat like that normally--thats so little! I eat easy, 2100 calories a day =)

Dana xo