Friday, 5 November 2010

Break up day.

This evening I am going to break up with Him. Last night was the last straw.

We went out for a meal for his birthday which was a few days ago. It felt like we had nothing to talk about, it was just awkward. I asked if he wanted to go out for drinks after he said he had work to do. At the end of the date he told me him and his flat mates were going to watch a movie and I was invited, wow, funny kind of work. I just cant put up with him any more. I hadn't seem him for 2 weeks, he NEVER calls, and the only method of communication is text, and he only sends a couple a day. That's not a relationship.

But I'm scared, last night in bed I just cried and cried. I know it's silly but I'm really going to miss him. He is the only guy I've ever liked this much, and I'm just dreading after the break up, but I know I deserve more.

God I'm nervous.


not.quite.ana said...

good luck :( it'll be hard but you DO deserve better. try to keep that in mind ok?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that it's come to this. But it sounds like you are making a good decision. It's going to be tough, but it sounds like you think it's for the best. Good luck.

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

sometimes the things we need to do for ourselves are the hardest, but you need to do them or you. you are doing the right thing. it is going to be alright. it might take some time, but it will be.

i hope it goes well for you.

et said...

take care of yourself. you deserve it, you really do. if it is not good for you, it will hurt to to carry on. i'm your newest follower but i still think you're the loveliest. i really do.

i hope things work out for you.