Thursday, 28 October 2010

Happiness comes before money.

I hate my job. It SUCKS. The only reason I'm still there is because I am broke and need to pay rent. I am however searching for a new job, with less hours. I'm giving out CV's today (fingers crossed please everyone!) There is this one girl that drives me mad (normally I am very patient and don't get irritated by much). She says at least 3 times a day "I shouldn't be working here I have a degree." She basically acts like the queen of the shop even though she's only been there 2 weeks and her sales figures are low.
I'm going for a job at a different jewellery shop which is soo lovely. I REALLY want this job. I'm going to go and give in my CV really enthusiastically.

It's the boyfriends birthday in a week and I need card ideas! I have already brought him tickets for his favourite piano composer (Ludovico Einauldi) and I'm taking him out for a meal. BUT what about the card?! I want to make one, I'm thinking maybe a funny collage of bad pictures of us together (we mostly take bad pictures). Thoughts?

Food wise things are going slowly. I am eating 3 meals and a snack in the evening. Yesterday was:
Breakfast: 30g ready brek with sultanas.
Lunch: a pear, a banana, a small chocolate bar.,
Dinner: Beef caserole.
Evening snack: 2 packets of crisps (embarrassed).
I don't really know what to do about my weight. I don't want to mega restrict, but I do want to loose weight. I think I will up my exercise routine and have healthier snacks!


not.quite.ana said...

hahaha the collage card sounds like a great idea! and the things you ate yesterday sound perfectly reasonable, even if weight loss is slow you will still definitely be losing!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new jewelery store! I hope things work out.

And I like the collage idea-- very creative! I'm sure he'll love it.

Wishing you well,