Sunday, 17 October 2010

And the job hunt and restricting starts again.

My job is mad. This is my gap year and I DON'T want to be working 45 hours+ per week, I'm too tired to do all the other things I wanted to. Plus my boss is awful. Sooo tomorrow I'm going to start looking again (all cross your fingers for me!)

I'm restricting. I have to, I'm so huge and uncomfortable. Sooo yoghurt for breakfast, small salad (no dressing) for lunch, normal dinner. Whatever.

Boys are stupid by the way. Just to let you all know.

Sorry for the super short post.


Sairs said...

I've been eating non stop lately and I hate it. It's so hard to cope with. I feel enormous as well. Good luck on the job hunting :-)

Blue Butterfly said...

I spent my last weekend teaching six hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday and I was too tired to do anything else except collapse into bed gratefully upon reaching home.

In my case, the money kept me going. But you're right: that's no way to spend your gap year.

I hope you find a suitable job that pays well too! (:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your job is no fun. I hope you find a better one soon!

Wishing you well,

Eating Alone said...

From a stupid boy. They tell me (RD and Doc's) restricting will slow your metabolism down. So it's not worth it. Your body will not trust you and you need to build that trust.

See I am listening to my therapist. Just don't expect me to do it.

I hope you feel better soon