Tuesday, 19 October 2010

First impression

Apparently the impression people get from me is "snobby, prim and proper." Someone told me when we first met she thought she would hate me. She said "Maybe it's your hair, or maybe your earrings...a lot of people thought the same as me". what the hell? And the thing is, other people have told me this before. This isn't the person I want to portray. Back to square one.

Breakfast: Ryvita with marmalade.
Lunch: Coffee.
Dinner: what ever the family has.

I have managed to keep the 4lbs off, and am now at a 'not immediately going to kill myself because of scales' weight.

To do today:
Driving lesson (stay off the roads! You've been warned).
Meet up with friend for coffee.
Give out CV's.
Don't cry.


Anonymous said...

hehe my list of 'to do' is so similar!!:

-Driving lesson
-BOOK counselling
-Drink coffee
-Go to work
-Don't cry.

We can do this :-) Great intake. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, just wanted to check in and tell you how great you are doing. Haven't talked to you in while and now I am just checking on you in your blog :)