Sunday, 1 August 2010

Venice..the beautiful city.

Venice was beautiful, cultural, lovely. The family got on relatively well, no massive fall outs.

Food is getting me down.

My body is gross.

I feel..


I am..


My body is...


My thighs are...

scaring me.

Can someone...

chop fat off me.


EmilyH said...

When you were in Venice, did you get the feeling that the culture valued one's size or thinness? I've often wondered how cultures in other countries differ from the U.S. in terms of social stigma on body image.

I am sorry that you are feeling bad about your body, and I can definitely relate. Today, focus on what your body does instead of how it looks. I have been trying to do that lately. I find that I like being proud of the things that my body can do instead of how it looks. Stay strong!


mariposai said...

Aw hun. I don't know if this helps, but whenever I've had feelings like this in the past, it's been due to underlying problems, e.g. stuff in my life that was stressing me out rather than a case of actually being fat. Look beneath the ED lies and it may make things clearer and more dealable.

Glad Venice was nice though - when I went all I can remember is being very hot and sunburnt!

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

i want to go to venice. i heard that it is beautiful.
take care, ok?

Anonymous said...


I've been there, darling. You are not alone.

Wishing you well,