Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Positive post time :)

Today I got an email which could not of come at a more perfect time. It was from....me. There is this amazing website called FutureMe, where you email yourself a letter for however many years time. I received one which I sent a year ago, when I got back from Christian Camp. It was entitled 'Eat'

Dear FutureMe,
I hope that in a years time you're still eating properly, I know its hard.
I have jst come back from soul survivor, and am feeling way better, but I know that old eating habits can come back, just try and remeber how much HAPPIER you are if you eat properly, good luck, I hope you are eating well, and are healthy.
P.S Jesus delights in you always.

Thinking back to last years camp makes me realise my progress. Last camp I ate only 2 biscuits over 5 days. This year, although I over ate, I didn't feel overly hateful of myself, and understood that to get through the week I needed to feed myself. I feel PROUD of myself. Recovery is slow, and sometimes feels non existent, but it's so worth it. I have bad days and good days, but looking back to last Summer, this Summer has been SO much better.

Your thoughts on my questions made me laugh so much, I LOVED the rabbit answers.


1. What would you say to yourself in one year's time?
2. If you could choose a way everyone greeted each other, what would it be (hugging/kissing/doing a head stand etc.)


Eating Alone said...

1) Remember all the good times and let them take over the bad. Remember that time will always pass and use what have don't let it use you.

2) They should all have name tags. I can never remember names.

HONEY said...

oh that's wonderful, see, you've made a lot of progress!

1.) about the same as you did and maybe to tell myself i should always live in the moment and be positive.

2.) hugging!

Jen said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so much better this summer! I'm proud:) Thanks for all the lovely comments girl! You are amazing.

I told him I didn't want to fool around, but I didn't tell him how much he hurt me when he said I could. Should I?

1) I would tell myself to think back on the really hard times I've had this year, and pray that I hadn't fallen back.
2) I would like it if everybody was nice enought to at least say hi,I think everything else would be asking too much of today's generations.

Love Jen

mariposai said...

That's brilliant that you've appreciated the progress you've made...nice one!

1. Keep pursuing your artistic dream, and I hope you've stuck with your plan to move away from home. Be happier and healthier than ever before :-)
2. An elaborate ritual involving all the things you mention, as well as doing a dance and wearing a funny costume!


i love bows:) said...

els in soo so proud of you:)

you rock my socks girlie. oh yeh, i moved blogs again lol-trust me- its http://confessions-of-a-concealaholic.blogspot.com now, except i dont like it and miss my old one again hahahaha

lots of love xxxxx

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

awww!!! cool email! thats a great idea to do..

next year i want to tell myself, to take the whole week of my birthday off, not just one day, so i dont get suckered into coming into work :)

i would great people with a hug everytime, i love hugs!

EmilyH said...

I am totally checking out that FutureMe site because it sounds awesome!

1) I would tell my future-self to reflect upon how much I have grown and to remember to be confident.
2)I would choose high-fives...so fun!


Angela said...

That is a really awesome site.
You have really made so many strides toward recovery. Way to go!

1. I would tell my future self to not worry so much about what other people think of me.
2. I love hugs:)

Miriam said...

Okay, so FutureMe sounds awesome!!! I'm going to have to check that out!

I'm so glad that you have done better this summer, and I'm really happy that you can see it as well.

I would hug everyone. Hugs are AMAZING. They always make me smile.

Stay strong girl, you're doing great :)

Emmy said...

ooh I love positive post time! beeeautiful :) you should be proud! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Battleinmind, that's so great that you're feeling like things are much better! Progress with recovery can be slow, but it's clear you're making it.

Wishing you well,