Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A rather stressful week!

Well with 2 A level exams and 1 university interview in the space of 5 days you can imagine the stress I have encountered. Luckily, I have only 1 exam left. The interview went ok (fingers crossed everyone!).

This post isn't really food related as I am trying super hard to eat 'normally' in this Super Stressful Week.

Anyway, what's really been on my mind these last few days is moving countries. Obviously first I need to get into university, get my nursing degree and get some experience. But after that where to go? America has always appealed to me, but do I want to really push myself to the limits and go and live in India with my two friends who are paediatricians out there? Hmm...well I have 5 years to ponder I don't need to make a decision yet! x

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