Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The place of tranquility

So recently I decided I need somewhere to go when I'm feeling a bit down/vulnerable/hungry. I decided it had to be a place where I would NEVER eat, so that cancelled out the kitchen, dining room, lounge, my room. Only one place seemed safe enough. The bathroom. Strange? Probably. At about 4 o'clock everyday I take a pillow, my dressing gown and a book into the bathroom, and sit in the bath, (dry of course) lock the door and read. It sounds strange but it REALLY helps, I look forward to 4 o'clock all day... I would recommend everyone finding a 'tranquil' place.

So anyway, the last few days have still been me binging, so I've decided, I either purge it (which I'm not very fond of) or DON'T EAT. Let's see how this goes :)

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