Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fresh start.

Ok, now exams are over, a new plan begins. As I have been eating massively huge amounts of food, I plan to take my cal intake down slowly (ish)

So instead of going straight for 1 meal a day, I am cutting out breakfast, letting myself have a piece of toast and salad for lunch, and eating dinner as usual ( I always have to, me and my family eat dinner together everyday)

I am such a large weight, I'm to embarrassed to say, but I will tell you this. Yesterday I went shopping, my normal size clothes didn't fit. The size above me didn't fit. I cried. A lot.


Sairs said...

I think it's good you have some goals, but the only thing I would worry about is dropping out brakfast. Breakfast really is the most imporatant. If you are going to cut out a meal, can you cut out a different one. I am more thinking of getting you through the day. I am thinking more in case of bingeing. I'm glad you got your old job back and you have something to make you feel really good about yourself *hugs*

battleinmind said...

I would love to just have breakfast and cut out dinner, but I feel so odd eating 2 meals. I may try a smoothie or a yoghurt or something in the morning though, Thanks Sairs :) :)