Friday, 15 January 2010

Letter from a crazy...

A few weeks ago I received a letter from a boy, let's call him Hook (think Captain Hook...crazy likeness). He is my ex boyfriends best friends, can you here the alarms already? A brief background on me and Hook: He claimed he was in love with me last year, so I tried my hardest to put him off. This year I was extremely relieved when he got a girlfriend. Oh another thing, he knows about my ED. One night in a very drunken state I decided to confess to him. I told him the next day I have decided to 'recover', and will carry on that lie. So here is the letter (all names changed bien sur)

My Dearest Battle,
I'm writing this tonight because I need to, as much for me as for you.
The sky is glowing. It is a beautiful night.
Stop Running Battle
Whether you truly have stopped having feelings for Peter or not, Peter would not have told you he cared for you if he truly did not. He does not play with words, he has no ulterior motives. He can help you if you let him.
I know you think you have the strength to do this alone, but if you did, wouldn't you be happy?
You shy away from commitment, and get scared when anyone gets too close. But you don't have the strength to fight on your own. Let those that love you help.
I cry for you, and hate myself for knowing too much, I'll stay commited to you, whether you push me away or not.I hope you have read this through and realised it is a cry from a broken heart.

It took Peter to stop me self harming, and you to start again. One more and one final line for you

I pray for your happiness.

Well as you can imagine I was a little surprised. Although I hate to admit it, some of the letter was nice. But how DARE he blame me for his self harming. For me, that reversed all the good sentiments I saw red (hence red letter) and have not spoken to him since.

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