Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Treat day!

Today was my first treat day (once a week I allow myself whatever I want for one meal.) Me and my flatmate went to a fabulous little patisserie and I ate all the things I don't allow myself normally - croissant with cheese and mushrooms for main, followed by a large piece of double chocolate cake. It was perfect. Everything I'd been craving. 

My theory behind treat day is that if once a week I allow myself what I want I won't feel like I'm so cheated of foods I love, and inevitably end up binging. I give myself total permission for this meal - with no thoughts of calories or the effect on the scales tomorrow. I'm in debate about whether I should weigh myself tomorrow. 

I'm pleasantly surprised about how calm I feel, I thought it may bring on a binge, but I wanted this meal to be a pleasant, positive experience, not stained by the guilt of a binge. 
I would highly recommend this idea for those who struggle with strong cravings and binges. 

I will have soup with rhyvita for dinner. 


Leigh said...

That's awesome! Good for you. I personally find I can't handle treat days yet. It always leads to binging. Maybe as my recovery progresses...

Glad you got to enjoy some food guilt free. Reminds me that there it can be done.

Christine said...

That's such a good idea!
I may have to try that :)