Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bingeday Wednesday.

Today I had a binge relapse. I haven't binged like today in a decent amount of time. So in this post I want to discuss some personal triggers. First just a taste of what I binged on: 
A TON of marshmallows. Like half a bag.
3 chocolate bars.
2 packets of crisps.
Well you get the picture, there was quite a lot more than that it's all just piled up into mindless eating.

So what are my triggers?

1. CHANGE. Lots of different types of changes throw my eating. I notice I binge more after holidays, if I'm staying in a different house, if my routine changes (new job, change in family dynamics etc.) Now I can't control these changes so what can I do? How can I prepare myself?

2. BOREDOM: Oh my goodness when I'm bored I can EAT. It's just mindless grabbing from the fridge. I think that was why I overate today. I literally sat around doing nothing watching trash on TV. 

3. STRESS: Family stress, friend stress, work get the picture.

So I would say these are my top three triggers. I could really do with some tips on how to stop the binges and carry on eating in a normal, healthy way. Thanks lovelies!


Eating Alone said...

Well I think I agree with you on the big three. And what you wrote was not a huge binge so don't beat yourself up, it happened move on.

Sairs said...

I agree, the top three are huge stressors. Is it possible to stop a moment before you open the fridge or pantry and ask yourself "am I hungry?
" and if the answer is no, ask yourself if you really want to eat, if it's yes, fair enough, if no, maybe try some distraction techniques. On my blog I wrote about some at this link

I am not sure if that is helpful but maybe it's something you could think about.


Sia Jane said...

I think it is amazing that you can be so honest and then actually find the courage to address the why.
Keep fighting <3

emmeepee said...

i really agree with those big three; i have the same exact ones and they are so horrible. i am trying to find a way also, and i think maybe using a skill that i was taught in treatment, Wise Mind. this is nothing more than placing BULLSHIT on some triggers and old memories. like "IF...THEN" type of triggers. and this i shelling yourself that Ed is making up things to mess with you and just because things have changed doesn't mean your eating habits have or that you are different inside. it is an outside stressor that Ed uses to play with you. it isn't right, but its true. I'm praying for you and i hope you understand to use some DBT skills. (by Martha LInehan) they really could help you :)

lots of love and kisses, Meg