Friday, 9 September 2011

Hello, welcome to fat arse anon. You may join.

GUYS. I HAVE GONE UP A JEAN SIZE. I have also appeared to have acquired a less than flattering pot belly and a complementary 5lbs. Add to that a coach potato attitude and I'm well on the way to be being OOOBBEEESEEE. Okay that's an exaggeration. STILL. Yuck. 

I go to university in a week. I DON'T want to go feeling this horrid about myself. I KNOW restricting isn't a long term solution, so I think I just need to up my exercise (this week I've done nothing).

Urgh my life is falling down around me, All the things I decided I don't want to do (not getting drunk, not sleeping around, not restricting) all seem so flippin appealing right now.

I'm failing.

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emmeepee said...

aww honey, you need to get back into a wise mind and remind yourself that gaining just a few pounds from what you already are will not change the way you look. i know how it feels to think you are a couch potato, but honestly you need to remember that soon you will be going to university and right now you should let yourself right before you go! do anything you can to make yourself feel good when you return to school. you deserve it. good luck sweetie!

"its not what you look at that matters; its what you see."

love, meg