Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thoughts on 'Black Swan'.

Last night me and my friends went to see 'The Black Swan.'  It was BRILLIANT. The story was so unexpected as we all went thinking it would be a pretty ballerina film....it's really really not. Her journey into madness was so well acted and very, very chilling. However it was a massive trigger. It has been described by critics as "eating disorder porn" and I'm inclined to agree. I understand that it's realistic to the ballet world but oh my god those girls are thin. I felt myself feeling fatter as the film went on. For the role Natalie Portman had to loose 20lbs, the director eventually told her she was looking too sick and had to stop loosing weight. I would warn those with eating disorders or those recovering to treat this film with caution.

Afterwards we went out for a meal and 2 out of the 3 of us ended up getting salad. After a film like that I couldn't deal with anything else.

Right I'm off to the gym, will update properly in a few days.


Lisa said...

i absolutely LOVED the movie. I do agree that it did trigger ED thoughts but the writing and the acting were both so well put together. Also- for me it was more of a borderline thing. the black and white thing. having to kill off one to get the other.

but , i do agree- watch with caution

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing film, but thinspo porn, natalie portman did eighteen months of dance classes for six hours a day hence the weightloss!

Shen said...

Quite interesting. This film is triggering for many people, not just those with eating disorders, although I can certainly see that. I felt the movie triggering because of my personal issues with emotional abuse and controls in my family of origin. Another blogger reports that it was triggering because of her bipolar disorder. Yet another swears that the movie is about sexual abuse, which is the main driving force in her own issues.

It's a brilliant film because it can get so many people to relate to it in so many different ways. That said, it is also a dangerous film. I've been knocked off-balance since seeing it, about a week ago. It has brought up stuff I didn't remember at all until after seeing the movie, about my relationship with my own mother. (Like many others, I've also been writing about it on my blog)