Sunday, 5 January 2014

Rediscovered blog

To be honest I thought I'd deleted this blog! Put 'battleinmind' into Google to see what remnants were left and whole flipping blog was.

Anyway it's lovely to see some people I used to really follow are still blogging, I still think of you guys a lot, wondering how you're doing.

I'm doing...well. Somehow, I genuinely don't know how, my eating disorder is becoming a thing of the past. That's not to say somedays I don't want to just eat raisins, but I don't act on impulses anymore. My breakthrough has been finding that I love exercise, it helps me see myself how I am, makes eating in moderation easier and just brings a lot of joy. Also realising I am worth a lot more Han I ever thought I appearance is not what makes me me.

I have 8 months left of my nursing degree and I have a giant pile of work to do but it'll be fiiiiinnneeee.

Anyway, I hope you're all well. Love and hugs xx

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i love bows:) said...

so very proud of you. i qualify this year too! you have done so well :) <3 xxx