Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Adios max and 10 calorie jelly.

I've had a deranged few days. I mean just plain SILLY. Yesterday I ate a ridiculous amount in the day and went out for a meal with my best friend, got home. Purged big time, bleeding throat etc.etc. Not so pretty. I don't really know where this came from, I haven't done a sober purge for a long time. But (because I still have an eating disordered brain) I enjoyed it. That satisfying thought "this was in my body and now it's not, I successfully purged" was very much there.
Then after this pure SILLYNESS I toddled of to the shops this morning and brought: 16 cans diet coke, 5 ten calorie jelly pots, 4 weight watchers soup cans. Then I did something really bad. A new step...I brought scales. My own scales. I am used to borrowing my friend so I could only weigh myself once a week. This is a bad move on my part and I know it was have bad repercussions. That's not all. I brought Adios max diet pills. I'm a student with no money yet I buy these. I got home all excited, got online and read the reviews.The ingredient in them 'fucus' is actually not proved to do ANYTHING. The main side affect is hair loss. Urmmmm no thanks, I swear I already have a receding hair line (cringe) I don't need any help loosing more hair!

Has anyone tried them? Results?


Leigh said...

I haven't ever tried diet pills. I'm afraid that if I started, I'd become addicted. They sound scary though.

We all have relapses. They suck, but we do. It's frustrating when we allow ourselves to buy things that enable the ED. Any chance you can return them or turn them into something positive?

You can do this.

i love bows:) said...

love you chicken...and i bet you know what im gonna say..say so i wont bore you by saying. just take care, you hear me?! Can you get support from uni at all?

thinking of you babe xxx