Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What a difference a month makes.

I have been at university one month. I love it...but not all of it. University has a difficult side. The food side. Each week I eat more fruit and veg and less of anything else. For example today's lunch consisted of 5 pieces of fruit. Dinner was grilled veg with pasta which I think I want to purge. 

Scratch that I tried to purge it but I thought I was choking. Need to remember to drink water whilst eating. Unfortunately I have only dropped 2lbs. Poo!

Cheerleading is going well, even though I had 2 years cheer experience as a coach and in a national champ team I got put in the beginner squad.Gutted. I really am lousy. Another problem is the coach we have has bad technique which I KNOW gets points dropped in comps. I have to zip my lips so I don't say anything. But I do love being back in cheer. 

 I love my little room at uni. I LOVE having my own space. I went home this weekend and struggled with food and also being around my family for that long. I know that sounds odd, I love them but sometimes I just need my space from them. Ohhh that sounds bitchy! Don't judge! 

my lovely room

grilled veg <3

So my plan for the next month? Drop 4lbs, pass my first assignment with top marks, start volunteering with church, make good friends on my course. I can feel my perfectionist streak coming out. 


Incredible Eating Anorexics said...

battle on. what are you studying? sorry if you've wrote it elsewhere. xxx

emmeepee said...

honey are you supposed to be losing weight? i worry about you.