Monday, 18 March 2013

The long road.

As you have heard many a person say, you are in recovery from an eating disorder for the rest of your life. Even though I haven't had a full out relapse in a while I know to call myself 'recovered' would be getting ahead of myself. When I get to a place where I am complacent I suddenly find myself getting triggered because I'm not monitoring myself. I end up triggering myself through:

  • magazines: such a trigger for me. Just the pictures and general skinniness.
  • Facebook stalking skinny friends: sad I know.
  • Watching 'trigger' tv: Supersize vs superskinny is a trigger for me, I found myself watching it the other day and I wasn't feeling so great after. 
  • Starting a 'healthy diet': aka starting a new ridiculous diet which I know is unhealthy and I'm just trying to kid myself.
So, now I am so clear on what my triggers are I just have to be careful to avoid them/catch myself when I slip.

Recently I made a friend on my nursing course who is a recovering anorexic. 2 years ago this would have been unhelpful to me as I would have got competitive, but now I find it really helpful, we pick each other up when we are relapsing and are able to keep accountable to one another. 

So my recommendations for facing the long road?
Find out your triggers and AVOID like the plague, and if you feel ready find a buddy to help you recover. 

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